The Main Street Opportunity Fund

A loan facility to help American small businesses participate in a new growth category.

Let’s help our neighborhood stores replace what they’ve lost.

Profits from the PPE sector have mostly made the rich richer.

Does it bother you to hear that overnight companies led by a handful of politically connected individuals with no supply chain experience are raking in millions of dollars in contracts for PPE? It bothers us, too. Especially when we heard so many are not actually delivering. It seems in the ambition to create generational wealth with a single business deal, some bad actors are selling the sizzle, not the steak.

But let’s not get distracted from a core problem. The record job losses and American industrial closures in recent weeks are the highest they’ve been in a century. We’ve lost a decade of employment gains at US manufacturers. Demand for thousands of products has withered in the face of discretionary consumer spending restricted by new social protocols designed to keep us and our loved ones safe.

It seems that in the rush to support Main Street, we missed the mark. Big time. Loose guidelines sped the river of money, but it also allowed prominent businesses with access to massive amounts of capital and low borrowing costs to skip the line and secure access to public funding before anyone else.

For example, the government’s own definition of a small business full-service restaurant means it can earn no more than $8 million in annual revenue. Were it not for sophisticated, multi-entity legal structures, would Shake Shack really qualify as a small business restaurant when it earns nearly half a billion dollars in revenue each year? A single restaurant, maybe, but not the entire company. Are the Los Angeles Lakers, the second most valuable franchise in the NBA, a small business?

Why should it take public disclosure to force these companies to return money? Why could they not make the practical decision they otherwise should have in the beginning to rely on their size and let the program benefit the real small businesses of America? There is a huge gap in empathy. We need less entitlement and more self-policing for the greater good. Otherwise, the marginalized will continue to be crowded out. 

Help mom & pop businesses weather the storm.

We believe in sharing. This outbreak is a problem that affects everyone, but in particular the less resilient. American small businesses make up nearly 50% of our GDP and account for 50% of all employees in our country.

Where there is a tremendous need for a new class of products to help us protect ourselves so that we may begin the journey back to a normal economy, we believe American small businesses should have the opportunity to participate. It is only fair that they are given the chance to replace lost income with new products that are in demand. Why not? The crisis is what forced these small businesses to close and layoff employees in the first place.

That is why we created a new loan pool - to use our supply chain expertise and capital to partner with small businesses in the neighborhood in order to help the neighborhood. The sooner we support Main Street in protecting its employees, the sooner we can help get people back to work safely. Let’s protect the legacy of mom and pop businesses.

How it works.

  1. yourPPE+L pools funds to purchase rated masks from trusted, verified suppliers and that have performed third party testing with reputable labs.
  2. Using The Main Street Opportunity Fund, yourPPE+L  makes this inventory available to small businesses for free at no risk.
  3. Small businesses can sell these products to their existing customers to help keep their balance sheets sound during this crisis.

For-profit, for-impact.

  1. Deploying capital efficiently: Every $1,000 earns 12.0% per year or $88 per month in principal and interest. (Does that sound better than the 1.5% you might earn on a savings account?)
  2. Getting masks to where they're needed most: Every $1,000 invested supplies approximately 1,000 masks to the customers of our small business partners.
  3. Supporting mom & pop businesses and their employees: Every $1,000 creates approximately $350 in monthly wages that is used to bring unemployed people back to work.

Putting our partners first.

Our first small business partner, Mallard Printing of Fall River, Massachusetts, was established in 1998. The company prints stickers, decals, brochures, greeting cards, menus and a number of other products to help a wide range of businesses with their communications – from local fast food restaurants to national brands.  Mallard Printing grew a healthy business with a dedication to quality work, referrals, community involvement, and a passion for customer service. We partnered with Mallard Printing to help them smooth over revenue lost due to canceled printing jobs during this crisis. yourPPE+L then helped put their employees back to work managing inventory and fulfilling orders throughout New England and the wider US. 

Get involved now.

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