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Your breathable, water resistant mainstay

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Have you seen a lot of those blue medical-looking masks around? We have, too. But not all are created equal. There are over 20 different testing standards, some much better than others. Our Elastic Loop Three Layer carry-around masks are tested to the highest level European Medical Standard (Type II-R under the EN14683 protocol) and water resistant.

These are the lightest weight mask most breathable mask we offer. They're best to carry-around in your pocket while on an errand or out for a walk. They don't fit as precisely to all points of your face like a respirator - so they are best for activities on the go when you need enhanced breathability but want something much more protective than cotton. Water resistant and designed for comfort.



+ Outer: Poly non-woven fabric

+ Center: Electrostatic melt blown cloth

+ Inner: Poly non-woven fabric





Made from melt blown non-woven polypropylene. What is that you ask? Non-woven poly is a material that resembles organic fabric, but has much, much smaller filaments. Where a strand of hair might have a diameter of 100 microns and cotton 30 microns, non-woven poly is just 3 microns. It's made by heating plastic, pulling it through tiny holes and pressing the strands into a flat sheet. The middle layer is then charged to create static cling which helps attract particles and creates higher filtration efficiency.



Incredibly light weight and breathable. Like a feather on your face, except it doesn't tickle!




+ 3-layers of lightweight non-woven poly

+ Lined metal nose bridge to custom fit

+ Electrostatic layer for particle cling

+ 4mm elastic stretch ear loops

+ Water resistant outer

+ White/blue color

+ One-size fits all

+ Disposable




For each subscription, Your PPEL will donate 5 masks per month to a healthcare organization.